Welcome to MET NA ab



                   Metina AB is a company specialized in providing chemical expertise and products on customer
                   demand and we would like to give you a short presentation of our company.
                   Most of our customers are companies working with medicinal chemistry but we have also
                   served clients from other fields of chemistry.
                   Metina was established 1998. It is a rather small company (4 employees) but when needed we have the
                   opportunity to employ chemists on short-time basis. Last, but not least, we are very flexible
                   when it comes to working hours if our customer needs short delivery times of their products.
                   The chemists employed by Metina AB have a long and solid experience in
                   synthetic organic chemistry and the size of our company is often considered
                   to be an access when it comes to projects with demand for a high degree of secrecy.
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                   We are focused on direct personal contact with our customers and we would like to
                   collaborate with your company.

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